Input Output, the infrastructure provider for the Cardano blockchain, has made an exciting announcement for enthusiasts in the ecosystem that is sure to make them “crazy.”

The team at Input Output announced a major upgrade to the Cardano network, dubbed “Valentine,” that will bring new Plutus SECP cryptographic primitives to the network.

The Valentine upgrade is a major milestone in the evolution of the Cardano network and marks a new chapter in its journey. The upgrade will happen on February 14th, which is the perfect time to celebrate the growth and progress of the network. The Input Output technical teams, Cardano Foundation, and EMURGO have worked closely to submit an update proposal to upgrade the Cardano mainnet to the v8 protocol.

Staking pool operators (SPOs) and Cardano node users are encouraged to upgrade to the latest version, 1.35.5, to ensure compatibility with the new protocol. The upgrade is expected to bring many benefits to the Cardano community, including greater interoperability and secure cross-chain dApp development.

New built-in functions in Plutus will enhance its security and make it easier for developers to work with other blockchains. The upgrade will also support signatures like ECDSA and Schnorr, making it even more secure for developers working on it. Preparations for this upgrade have been ongoing for some time, and over 80% of the block generating nodes have already run the newly requested node.

The IOG and Cardano Foundation are committed to keeping the community informed of the upgrade progress and encouraging everyone to stay informed through their channels. The Valentine upgrade is an exciting moment for the Cardano community and will bring a new level of security and interoperability to the network.

As AZCoin News reported on February 8, the Cardano network is experiencing significant growth in the number of tokens staked. Over 400 million Cardano (ADA) tokens have been staked since the beginning of December, bringing the total number of ADA tokens staked to 25.5 billion. This represents an impressive 72% of all ADA tokens currently in circulation.

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