A new Internet model is gaining momentum, while traditional finance sees disruptive innovations. Everything can be redefined in this era, known as Web3 or the post-Internet era. In fact, the concept of Web3 was first proposed in early 2014, but was not popular until the wave of blockchain, cryptocurrency and Metaverse appeared in recent years. As a result, organizations, governments, and VCs have flocked to the industry, creating numerous applications. So what exactly is Web3? How does Web3 redefine new finance?

How Web3 redefines new finance

Web3 has many features, including decentralization, artificial intelligence, Semantic Web, no middlemen and no permission, and universality. As a new generation of Internet powered by blockchain and distributed ledger technology, Web3 represents a set of fundamental technologies to build the Metaverse, with major innovations in openness, privacy, jointly develop and decentralize supported by technologies such as blockchain and smart contracts.

Today, Web3 has seen various financial services such as decentralized lending and decentralized insurance. Take the lending business as an example. Within the framework of Web3, decentralized lending has evolved into new lending models such as over-mortgages, liquidity pools, and instant lending.

Breaking the Chains of Traditional Finance, CoinEx Makes Cryptocurrency Trading Easier

Along with Web3, the global cryptocurrency trading platform CoinEx is also working on new finance. Exchanges form part of the crypto industry’s infrastructure and are the easiest gateway for the general public to the Web3 industry, CoinEx plays an important role in the crypto space.

As an integral part of the Web3 era, CoinEx has always stayed true to its commitment. In 2022, CoinEx redefined the tagline as “cryptocurrency trading made easier”. With easy-to-use products, low-asset investment model and attentive customer service, the exchange makes it easy for the public to start their adventure. With the goal of breaking the shackles of traditional finance and lowering the threshold for cryptocurrency trading, CoinEx makes it easy for people around the world to participate in the Web3 era. On this novice-friendly exchange, investors worldwide will enjoy a smooth, easy journey.

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