The development team behind Ripple virtual currency is a combination of engineers, developers, and business professionals who work together to improve the Ripple protocol and expand its use cases.

Brad Garlinghouse – CEO

Brad Garlinghouse has been the CEO of Ripple since 2017. He is responsible for overseeing Ripple’s strategic direction and driving adoption of the Ripple protocol.

Garlinghouse was born on February 6, 1971, in Topeka, Kansas. He graduated from the University of Kansas with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics in 1994 and went on to earn a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Harvard University in 1997.

After completing his education, Garlinghouse started his career in the technology industry, working for companies such as SBC Communications (now AT&T), Yahoo!, and AOL. He held various executive positions at these companies, including Senior Vice President of Communications at Yahoo! and President of Consumer Applications at AOL.

In 2005, Garlinghouse joined Silver Lake Partners, a private equity firm, as a Senior Advisor. He later became a Partner at the firm and focused on investments in the technology and internet sectors. During his time at Silver Lake, Garlinghouse was involved in several high-profile transactions, including the leveraged buyout of Skype by Microsoft.

Garlinghouse left Silver Lake in 2012 to join the online gaming company Hightail (formerly YouSendIt) as CEO. Under his leadership, Hightail expanded its product offerings and rebranded itself as a collaborative file-sharing platform.

In 2015, Garlinghouse joined Ripple as its CEO. Since then, he has been instrumental in driving the company’s growth and expanding its use cases beyond cryptocurrency trading. Under his leadership, Ripple has partnered with over 300 financial institutions and payment providers worldwide, including American Express, Santander, and MoneyGram.

Garlinghouse is a frequent speaker at technology and finance conferences and has been featured in various media outlets, including CNBC, Bloomberg, and Forbes. He is also an active investor and advisor to several technology startups.

David Schwartz – Chief Technology Officer

David Schwartz is a co-founder of Ripple and serves as the company’s Chief Technology Officer. He is responsible for the technical direction of Ripple and has been instrumental in the development of the XRP Ledger.

Asheesh Birla – Senior Vice President of Product and Corporate Development

Asheesh Birla leads Ripple’s product and corporate development efforts. He is responsible for identifying new use cases for Ripple and building partnerships with banks and financial institutions.

Marcus Treacher – Senior Vice President of Customer Success

Marcus Treacher leads Ripple’s customer success team, which is responsible for helping banks and financial institutions integrate the Ripple protocol into their existing systems.

Monica Long – Senior Vice President of Marketing

Monica Long is responsible for Ripple’s marketing strategy and brand development. She has been instrumental in building awareness of Ripple and its use cases.

In addition to these key members, Ripple has a large team of developers and engineers who work on improving the protocol and building new products and services. Ripple also has a strong community of developers who contribute to the open-source XRP Ledger and other Ripple products.

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