If you have a few years in the crypto space, making free money in this market may not seem like a new concept. CryptoGPT has refreshed the concept of a monetization model you’ve ever taken. Due to CryptoGPT innovations, the concept of making money is ultimately seen as a worthwhile investment of time. Of course, that means the project’s token – GPT – deserves consideration as a financial investment.

You can participate in the decentralization of the industry with this powerful start-up and you can also happily make money from it. But first, let’s learn a little bit about CryptoGPT and how it works.

What is CryptoGPT?

CryptoGPT is a blockchain protocol built to create a trillion dollar data and artificial intelligence (AI) revolution. In particular, this innovation combines AI with blockchain technology and provides an ecosystem that treats data as an asset.

History of CryptoGPT

The team behind this revolutionary ecosystem started the project in mid-2022 by combining AI tools with blockchain technology to give users a way to monetize data. After all, Google, Facebook, and other well-known tech brands are known to monetize their users’ data. It is their core business, and it also leaves its mark on the global economy.

When transferring from 2022 to 2023, CryptoGPT made the whole world “remember the name”. Suddenly, it plays a big role in the burgeoning AI revolution. In fact, CryptoGPT has hosted applications with over two million active users.

What is the purpose of CryptoGPT?

CryptoGPT wants to disrupt Big Tech (defined as the brands that collect and broker your data, especially Facebook and Google), that’s the mission. Because those brands are the way for consumers to come and provide their own personal information, which is then brokered to other developers.

Through the features of CryptoGPT, powered by AI tools combined with blockchain technology, the company aims to help users benefit from selling its data. Then a trillion dollar industry became increasingly decentralized.

How does CryptoGPT work?

Artificial intelligence is at the heart of CryptoGPT and the brand has been in the spotlight by the time AI companies launch. Crucially, CryptoGPT sets itself apart from most of those participating in this artificial intelligence boom because it enters the market with a compelling value proposition.

New app developers need user data to develop. And CryptoGPT’s unique ecosystem provides the data they need. The sale takes place through CryptoGPT’s GPT token. In the CryptoGPT ecosystem, NFT stores your activity data and compensates you with GPT tokens.

Layer-2 is extensible

If you’re a developer looking to save money, you’ll appreciate CryptoGPT’s scalable layer-2 (L2) using ZK-rollup technology. You will be able to reach users faster thanks to this efficient aspect of the CryptoGPT protocol. Because it provides Ethereum virtual machine (EVM) compliance, specifically allowing the protocol to access huge codebase libraries.

The layer-2 solution is scalable and greatly improves UX through reducing network congestion. It is layered on top of Ethereum and rolls transactions together for efficiency. The improved speed will surely bring good success and your satisfaction.

Distribution mode

The designers of CryptoGPT have developed layers of architecture suitable for the operation of security and mining. As a result, the network is significantly protected from the effects of centralization. The truly distributed nature of CryptoGPT makes it an easy to trust protocol.

Totally limitless

For the most part, the two previous factors combined to produce this result. CryptoGPT’s massive scalability and ultra-low-cost transactions meet the system’s incredible infrastructure to create a blockchain that can expand the capacity of the global economy through AI technology.

Features of CryptoGPT

CryptoGPT has many unique features that will pique your interest.

AI to make money

CryptoGPT’s AI-to-Earn feature plays a leading role in the marketing strategy of this unique start-up. That is the main way the company will provide users to its application development customers.

CryptoGPT has a deep and wide application market that you can access by opting in to AI-to-Earn. Through this program, sharing your AI data through CryptoGPT’s blockchain protocol will earn you cryptocurrency.

While other “money-making” models predated CryptoGPT, those models required paying in crypto to share data, and they often didn’t last long because inflation was unsustainable. Perpetual inflation causes these types of programs to fail because they will collapse under their own weight.

CryptoGPT’s truly decentralized architecture will prove otherwise. Users earn money and developers gain access to a substantial pool of users.

CryptoGPT Core

User app developers and AI companies find this aspect of CryptoGPT very appealing. The fund’s creators are expected to have at least 10 million active users. CryptoGPT Core is a group of applications that users often use every day.

Remember, opting into one of these apps means sharing your data with the developer and allowing it to be sold to third parties. In return, you will be entitled to a small amount of cryptocurrency.


Developers find a reliable software development toolkit in this combination of AI/blockchain technology. The CryptoGPT SDK has code blocks that can be plugged into any application without breaking any features. At the same time, this architecture offers significant value to developers and users of their applications who choose to earn crypto in exchange for AI data.

CryptoGPT Launcher

Using the CryptoGPT Launcher, anyone on the internet can use any app on the CryptoGPT ecosystem to collect data, allowing them to turn their daily app usage into cryptocurrency. . By earning crypto for daily activities on smart phones, users can be incentivized to use these apps more, which will lead to apps gaining brand engagement. more.

CryptoGPT Referral Program

You can actually earn GPT in many ways. In addition to earning coins through the company’s apps, you can earn money helping your friends discover CryptoGPT.

This start-up’s 30-day Referral & Cryptocurrency campaign allows you to invite your friends to join.

CryptoGPT’s referral program and farming rewards app gives you the opportunity to build a large amount of GPT tokens quickly. Please note, the number of winning slots is limited for each level, so you need to register quickly and invite your friends to join to start earning rewards.

Road map of CryptoGPT

You wonder what lies ahead for this start-up, as it can help you capitalize on the AI boom. Road Mao below gives you a better overview.

In the first quarter of 2023, the company will officially launch the AI Data Capsule NFT. In addition, the initial applications in the blockchain protocol integration ecosystem launch on the testnet. Additionally, this quarter also saw the launch of the App Launcher, which included commitments from app developers to build on top of the CryptoGPT ZK-rollup layer-2 infrastructure.

In Q2, the protocol is expected to be deployed on the Mainnet. This is when CryptoGPT will start the VPN AI Data-Capture Partnership. By the middle of this year, CryptoGPT hopes to reach five million users on its applications.

The second half of 2023 begins with CryptoGPT stepping up its AI revolution by dropping the AI Data Marketplace Beta Release. This time around is also when the company’s Mainnet Beta testing takes place. By then, CryptoGPT expects its user base to surpass 10 million.

In the last three months of 2023, the CryptoGPT Mainnet Beta will be released. CryptoGPT’s Physical AI Data Capsule NFT release also happens during this time. By the end of the year, CryptoGPT is expected to have 20 million users.

Token GPT

GPT is the native asset of CryptoGPT, running on the Ethereum L2 network. This token is a first in the global economy. It is a multivalued gas token that has an intrinsic need to complete network transactions.

The CryptoGPT lead value hopper from validator staking, cash flow, and fee treasury, can be intelligently deployed to generate liquidity through redemption or profit expansion.

Notably, the financial ecosystem cannot exist without a source of revenue. Diverse income channels support GPT, so GPT is completely resistant to volatility.

Notably, cryptocurrency stakingers fill the coffers of this ecosystem through specific income channels. This is the main route that start-ups use to circumvent big corporations’ data control through artificial intelligence.

Due to their new feature of being a multi-valued native asset, GPT tokens provide you with ecosystem value that spans past gas fees.

Is GPT a good investment?

A lot of good things will come to GPT. The creators of this token have built a robust ecosystem around potentially market-disrupting AI tools for big brands accustomed to collecting and brokering people’s data.

You can get a piece of that data pie right now. By using applications from CryptoGPT’s layer-2 ecosystem, you can earn GPT. With millions of apps available, that ecosystem certainly gives you valuable value beyond GPT opportunities. However, the opportunity to earn GPT is very attractive.

You can earn money using various apps and you can earn even more by referring friends you have met during your trading period. Sure, buying GPT is fun, but the option to earn GPT through referrals or using the app gives you the opportunity to get rich without risking your own money. This ability to earn GPT makes it a relatively good investment of your time. That said, it is still advisable to do adequate research before you choose to buy more tokens.

Where should I buy GPT?

Looking to trade GPT tokens? You will be happy to know that GPT became tradable on the Bybit exchange on March 10, 2023. Simply sign up for a Bybit account and visit the GPT/USDT Spot Trading page to get started.

To celebrate the listing of GPT, Bybit also prepared two events for users to participate in with a total prize pool of 100,000 USDT.

The Deposit to Earn event allows users to deposit at least 3,500 GPT from March 10, 17:00 to March 24, 17:00 to receive 10 USDT.

The second event, Buy to Earn, allows users to accumulate a net buying volume of at least 100 USDT in GPT for a reward out of a total prize pool of 50,000 USDT. If you have higher net buying volume, then you will get a larger share of the total prize pool. However, please note that each user is limited to a maximum of 500 USDT from the total prize pool. The Buy to Earn event will take place from March 10, 18:00 to March 24, 18:00.

Key point

By creating an ecosystem that incentivizes users to earn crypto tokens and avoid constant inflation, CryptoGPT allows you to leverage your data through its flexible GPT token. This game changer could reshape the data brokerage market. Regardless of how decentralized CryptoGPT ultimately decentralizes data, GPT is a good investment as you can accumulate significant amounts using the ecosystem’s applications and making referrals.

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